I have a fever, sweats, nightmares and now pain in my side. Though it was the flu. Drenched in sweat and my skin is hot. Doctor? I have had a lingering bladder problem for two months and took cipro two times, but now I just take cranberry pills. Starting

May help. Suggest vitamin c up to 10, 000 mg per day but divide it up. Vitamin c is why cranberry helps. If you get diarrhea on this dose then lower it, diarrhea is a sign that you have little to much of vitamin c. Also you may need another antibiotic but use probiotics to balance your system and avoid getting a yeast infection.
I . I can't tell from your history what the exact sequence of events is. Were you treated with a full course of Cipro (ciprofloxacin) on two separate occasions or did you just take a leftover pill a couple of times? What is the "lingering bladder problem?" if you have an untreated or undertreated bladder infection, then the fevers, sweats, and abdominal pain make a lot of sense. You may now have a secondary kidney infection. It sounds to me like you should definitely keep the appointment you have. If this is the flu, you lose nothing, but if it's a bladder/kidney infection, you may need to be hospitalized for intravenous antibiotics.