Should I get gums peeled back to clean teeth went to a dentist and they suggested peeling my gums back cutting and peeling back, to deep clean my teeth is this a standard procedure. I take pretty good care of my teeth as it is. I was really wondering if I

Depends. If the dentist showed you where and why it was needed.
Yes for gum disease. Gum disease involving pockets requires this procedure. This surgery not only removes hard deposits from the teeth, but also removes inflamed tissue and eliminates or reduces the pockets.
It . It sounds like the dentist has prescribed "open flap debridement" or "osseous surgery". These are procedures that are performed on patients with moderate to severe gum disease (a.K.A. Periodontitis, a.K.A. Bone loss) for diagnosis: your dentist needs x-rays of all your teeth, and a gum check up that involves 'probing' the gums around the teeth with a millimeter ruler to locate gum pockets. The dentist will also check for heavy build-up of tartar & plaque, gums that bleed easily, and loose teeth.You need to talk to your dentist about the reason he feels that having this procedure is important for you. If you have gum pockets of 6mm or higher, with bleeding gums, deposits on your teeth, loose teeth, or pus around the gums then you should have the procedure performed. If you are uncomfortable with a minor gum surgery procedure - ask your dentist if you would be a good candidate for closed flap "scaling and root planing" instead.
Perio sugery. If you have had x-rays that show bone loss. If you have had probing and have pockets. If you have already had scaling and root planing, you may need perio surgery. If you are not sure, get a second opinion from a periodontist. I cannot tell you for sure because I have not examined you.
Periodontal Surgery? I can't tell you that you require that without actually clinically examining you, seeing x-rays of your teeth and knowing your past dental history. I can tell you that in most cases periodontal flap surgery is required in order to resolve deep pockets with heavy calculus and bony defects. I would suggest that you be in the hands of a qualified periodontist whom you trust. If not, find one.