Should I have the nail removed? A couple of months ago I dropped a dresser on my big toe. A couple of weeks later the nail appeared to be separating from the toe. Since then the nail has become detached except for a small portion. I have been bandaging th

If . If you want to avoid a painful experience (toe nail ripped off by accident) then having a doctor remove it carefully is probably your best bet. Make sure you also moniitor the area for signs of infection(redness, pain, pus, fever). If any of these things are present or occur please see your doctor for treatment as soon as possible. Take care.
Yes, . Yes, you should have your nail completely removed in order to prevent further infaction or trauma to the underlying nail bed and or nail matrix. It is a simple procedure, which can be done by a certified podiatrist under local anesthesia. After the nail is removed, you can apply antibiotic ointment with dsd to the toe for the next few days. You should also soak your foot in lukewarm water with epsom salt. A new nail will grow in its place so there is nothing to worry about.