Does semen have health benefits if swallowed I was wondering if semen has health benefits like extra protein, good for skin, helps generate any type of virus fighting cells or anything like that.

What. What an interesting question to start my day with. What does semen contain? White blood cells, epithelial cells and spermatozoa as well as water, fats, steroids, carbohydrates (sugars) and protein. There is usually about 2 to 6 ml of semen per ejaculation. Is it good for you or not? Well, I guess that depends on who you are talking to. There are a number of cultures and religions that consider sperm to be sacred - however, I am not aware of religious rituals involving semen ingestion. There is a study that suggests possible health benefits from ingesting semen. It proported a reduced risk of breast cancer if a woman engages in fellatio at least three times a week. Two other benefits from semen that have been suggested (but do not involve ingestion per se) include an antidepressant effect on women and possible reduction of pre-eclampsia. I can not tell you how how scientific the methods were for any of these studies. On the flip side (and there is a lot of evidence to support this) semen can contain viruses and bacteria. Hiv can be transmitted through oral sex. Herpes and other sexually transmitted diseases can also be contained in semen. If there is significant gum disease in the person who ingests the ejaculate, that would provide more portals for infection. It is reported that about 5% of women are allergic to ejaculate. I am not aware that injesting semen strengthens your immune system, gives you radiant skin or improves the quality of your diet.