Broken tooth no pain now the last tooth on the bottom left side of my mouth is broken looks like in half to the gum it doesn't hurt now but it did would it be better to just remove it or fix it I don't care either way I've never in my 25 years of life bee

Well, . Well, if you haven't been to the dentist in the last 25 years, now you have a reason to go. I do not recommend that you remove your own tooth. The dentist will do xrays and will determine the extent of damage before making the best medical recommendation. There can be serious repercussions from a badly fractured tooth that goes unrepaired. There are also issues with just pulling a tooth- because other teeth can shift into it's place.
Time to make appt. Can't tell you if the tooth can even be restored. But i can tell you when it starts to hurt really bad, you'll wish you had seen a dentist sooner. Dental problems don't get better with time, they only become emergencies.