Is it good to use teeth-whitening products? Any better/worse than others? Thx have any studies shown deleterious effects?

Good??? optional.... Is it good to brush your teeth? Sure! is it good to floss? Of course! is it good to whiten your teeth....?!?!? We live in the world where any magazine you pick u see all those gorgeous tall blond celebrities with nice white- glow- in-the-dark teeth....Million dollar smiles... So you say: i cannot be taller, skinnier, more famous ... But i can get my teeth whiter and try to pose for pictures.
Be Cautious! Whitening agents must be carefully controlled, and i never recommend over-the-counter whitening systems to my patients. One must understand that all whitening agents contain peroxide which will cause free radical formation in tissues that have high turnover (such as gum tissues). Free radicals eventually cause dna damage, which can potentially cause precancerous conditions.
Yes. Whitening teeth improves self confidence as a whiter smile presents a better image of oneself. Yes there are better whitening products than others in that they yield better and faster whitening results. The best system in my opinion is kor whitening, superb whitening results. Studies has shown no irreversible effects in using whitening products, unless used without proper supervision.
Fine to use. Only drawback can be transient sensitivity. No deleterious effects. Try the denmat brand lumibrite 32%. You only need it in for 3 minutes. Ask for it from your dentist.
There . There are a number of different products, both over the counter and treatment rendered by a dentist. Your dentist can better advise you on what products he/she uses and how they differ from the drugstore gels. If used in moderation and as directed you should not experience any ill effects.
Teeth whitening prot. Teeth whitening products dispensed and carefully monitored by your dentist are safe.
See your Dentist. See your dentist... A small layer of enamel is removed with bleaching. Overdoing bleaching can produce permanent discoloration. Please see only a dentist for bleaching and refrain from the current trend of whitening in a spa or mall or beauty salon. Bleaching teeth is best managed by an experienced dentist with your dental & gum health as the main focus of their attention!