Can skin rejuvenation therapy get rid of freckles? I have had freckles all over my face ever since I was a child. When I go into the sun, they just seem to get worse. Should I go to the doctor and ask him to perform skin rejuvenation, or will this kind of

IPL or Laser. Some of those "freckles" may be just pigmentation in response to sun exposure. A pulsed light treatment (ipl) or laser resurfacing will be your best bet for getting rid of them. Chemical peels and topical fading creams can also help.
There . There are some options to help lighten and diminish sun spots and freckles, although this depends on the person and each individual situation. The obagi skin care system, the ipl laser, and a good sunscreen can be beneficial. I would discuss with your dermatologist to see which options might be helpful for you. Read more about obagi below. I hope that helps.