Why is the Brazilian butt lift a better option to fix my rear end than implants? I really want to improve how my sagging butt looks. However, I am not sure whether to go with implants or the Brazilian butt lift. Which is better for long-lasting shaping of

Implants vs BBL. Bbl over implants a bbl is safer for the patient since there is a lower chance of a complication arising. Since the implant procedure needs an incision, it is more likely to get infected and cause problems post-op. Also, since a bbl is a less complicated procedure, the healing time is also a lot shorter and patients can return to work sooner. However, you do need sufficient fat elsewhere in your b.
BBL vs Butt Implants. I believe the Brazilian Butt Lift technique is far superior to implants. In fact, I use only natural fat grafting and no longer use butt implants because they have a higher complication rate and the results are not as good.
Safer than Implants. Additionally, by using your own fat (as opposed to implants), the procedure is safer for you, it eliminates the risk of complications associated with buttock implants, and the results will be long-term.
I . I agree with the comments above, & agree it is a generally a good answer. Regarding which is best for you, you need to visit a cosmetic surgery professional, who has experience in these procedures. If a surgeon has "mastered" a surgery, it generally takes years of experience, and thousands of hours of operating. The answer is both are safe in the right hands. The provisos mentioned above are true or implants, & the failure rate of buttock implants is high, and very high in inexperienced hands. I stay away from buttock implants and have had great success with liposuction and fat transfer. Again this is not a procedure for everyone, & if you have had several children, or lost a lot of weigh, & have a lot of loose skin, lipo will not treat that and it may even make it a little more loose. Also if you have too little fat it doesn't usually work well as you don't get a large enough change in my opinion. I have performed over 350 of these cases in the last 7 years, & use an average of 1250cc of fat on each butt cheek, which is more than any butt implants than i know of, & more than most other surgeons that i know would dream of using. After my five year follow up patients return with their family members, still being happy about their results, then I am also happy that I am doing a long lasting, great looking job. In my first 350 patients i had 65% of my patients rate their results as excellent, 20 % as very good, 11% as good, and only 4% as fair, & none "poor". Feel free to take a look yourself: www.Bestplasticsurgerypractice.Com/logingallery.Html.
This depends. If you have enough fat for a brazilian butt lift, i would recommend that route. If you don't have enough fat, then an implant may give you a better result. Your surgeon will determine which procedure you are a better candidate for.
Implants . Implants are a very effective way of augmenting the contour of the body in a number of areas, most typically the breasts. Complications of implant surgery include infection and malposition and can be more common in the gluteal region. For this reason, some physicians prefer the approach of fat grafting. Fat is transferred from unwanted areas of the body and injected in small grafts into the buttocks. This results in a more even distribution of volume and the fat grafts are less prone to the implant related complications. If the fat grafts "take" they become a part of the gluteal tissue and should be permanent living tissue, so the long term results should be more stable.