Is there anything I can do to help my daughter poop? My daughter hasnt pooped in over 24 hours. Her history is that she was born prematurely with her intestines twisted and they had to fix it. I take iron pills and hydrocodone right now cause of my teeth

If . If your daughter appears to be in pain, has a tender abdomen (tummy) when you touch it, is not eating, or is vomiting, you need to bring her to the urgent care or emergency room. On the other hand if she seems comfortable, then a bowel movement every two to three days is ok. If more than 3 days goes by, you can give her a glycerin suppository (over the counter). However, due to her history, i would clear this with her doctor first. If you give me her age i can make some dietary recommendations. Take care.
Given . Given your daughter's history, i can understand your concerns about her bowel function. However, it really isn't necessary for any person -- especially a child -- to have a bowel movement every day. As children develop, their bowel habits can change dramatically: within a relatively short period of time they can go from having three bowel movements a day to having one movement every three days. As long as their stools aren't hard and they're not uncomfortable (bloated, straining to evacuate, irritable, etc.) it usually isn't necessary to stimulate a bowel movement. If constipation does become an issue, there are any number of different remedies; the ideal approach is dictated by the child's age, to a certain extent. Glycerin suppositories, digital stimulation, laxatives (e.g., miralax), mineral oil, supplemental fiber, stool softeners, and fleets enemas could all play a role. In addition, it's important to maintain adequate fluid intake and -- for toddlers and older children -- plenty of activity and a diet that's rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other healthy foods. If you really think your daughter is constipated, talk to her pediatrician about the best way to deal with it. Good luck!