Pregnancy years after trauma to body? I am 22 years old, not planning to have children anytime in the near future, but I did suffer from a traumatic brain injury five years ago, along with multiple other internal injuries, including a fractured pelvis; ar

Talk to your MD. If you discuss this with your ob/gyn they will be able to help guide you with this concern. The injuries you have mentioned do not by themselves preclude you from having children.
If . If your uterus, ovaries, etc. Were unaffected in the accident and you get a period once a month then your odds of being able to conceive are probably just as good as the average woman. The only issue i see as being a minor problem is the pelvic fracture you sustained. For this reason your doctor will probably opt to schedule a c-section instead of you trying to deliver vaginally. The reason being is that your pelvis may not be strong enough to sustain the force of a vaginal delivery. Lastly you should see your family doctor or gynecologist for a routine pap smear, at this visit you can bring up your concerns. Best of luck.