What should I do? My last dentist didn't do the work correctly and I am experiencing pain and trouble eating. Heat and cold affect my teeth. I had gotten a root canal and it doesn't feel like it was done properly because of the pain I still experience on

Ask for a Referral. Ask your dentist to refer you to an endodontist, or look for an endodontist in your area. They will take a radiograph (xray) and get a history from you and tell you if there is a problem that can be fixed.
It . It sounds like you already have a plan of action regarding the decision to have your on-going dental symptoms addressed. Since the funding for this may be pending on the review of your complaint; i suggest that you may wish to pose this same question on avvo's legal site. That way a lawyer may be able to provide you with feedback that will assist. Good luck.
Second opinion. . Find another dentist and get a second opinion. There may be an easy solution to this problem.