I tore something in my knee 2 days ago. Tried ice heat still painful can't support my weight do I go ER or immed care doc? I was walking and turned my right knee felt like under knee cap tore. I did I guess a deep knee bend tore even more till caught cabi

You . You have already waited 2 days, so there is not likely to be a true emergency, though it does need to be seen quickly. The benefits of going to an emergency room is that they have staff available in many specialties at all hours, they have imaging readily available, and if urgent treatment is needed, it can be initiated quickly. However, wait times can be quite long and it can be quite expensive. The advantages of an urgent care center is that it us usually less expensive and the wait time is often less than a traditional er. However, depending on the place, they may or may not have specialists and imaging readily available. While they may have simple braces and crutches, they cannot deliver all types of care. You might also call your regular doctor and get a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon (if your insurance requires it). Many orthopaedic offices will see acute injuries quickly and you get direct access to the specialists. They tend to have imaging and many treatments readily available. The costs will be based on the practice, but it can be efficient and cost-effective compared to the emergency room or an urgent care center.