Where can I find a really cheap dentist and oral surgeon? I'm on social security and medicare/medicaid and neither will cover dental or vision. I get $839 a month. I have severe gum disease and no teeth left. Some of the teeth came out whole while others

Dental School? Really cheap dentist and oral surgeon? Those days are long gone. Sometimes in life we need to make a personal financial investment in our health. This may be one of those times. The one recommendation I have would be to try your local dental school. Otherwise, some missionary program at your local church may be able to have local docs donate their services. Keep smiling !
County health clinic. You can check with county health clinic in your county or check with the dental school if there is one in your area. Also check with your church, mosque or cinagauge , there are some free clinics available in big cities, these are run by diffrent charity groups. Good luck.
Start with brushing. Beside the county clinic, it is best that you brush your teeth as much as you can, even if your gum bleeds while you brush. This will help drain the perio abcess and provide some relief for the discomfort. Dental school is a second place i would try to extract severe bone loss teeth. Do not attempt to bone graft because it would be very costly and you may not be able to maintain them.
One . One alternative is a local dental school. Some hospitals also offer free or deduced care. I hope this helps.
See below. What you are looking for is not a cheap dentist and oral surgeon, but a clinic or dental school where you can find affordable fees to have quality treatment. Where do you live...Then google dental schools. Best of luck.