Can I wear my dental films while getting a chiropractic X-ray I'm getting care from both a chiropractor and a dentist. Everyone wants to xray me all the time! Can I wear the old fashioned dental xray films while the chiro images my head and neck region?

It's . It's great that you are aware of these things and of the potential cumulative radiation exposure. Unfortunately that wont work technically. Dental xrays use a lower dose compared to a spine or skull xray. The beam is focused on that small film they put in your mouth. The beam for a cervical spine of skull xray is larger in size and positioned to give certain, standard views which are different than the dental views. If the dental films were in your mouth at the time of exposure during a cervical spine film my guess is that they would be overexposed and/or blurry. Fortunately both exams are low dose in the spectrum of all radiology exams performed so undergoing them separately does not add much dose to your cumulative exposure. However, I do encourage you to speak to your doctor(s) about the necessity of the repeated xrays.
I . I agree with dr. Foster. In regards to the x-ray exposure i often refer my patients to a website that helps to explain the risk of radiation from medical imaging and will also log your exposure. It is a very helpful tool to increase your understanding of the small risks associated with imaging. in general, exposure to radiation from medical imaging minimally increases your lifetime risk of developing cancer. However, this additional risk is extremely small and increases your risk of developing cancer by an almost negligible amount.
The . The short answer to your question is no. In addition to having the film in your mouth, you need to have the xray beam oriented correctly to get diagnostic images of your teeth. The dental film might be exposed by xrays directed at your back, but the exposure will be of no diagnostic use. Also: the radiation dose for the dental films is very small, since the beam has so little tissue to pass through, while the dose from the spine films will be significantly greater. I would worry far more about the chiropractic films than the dental films.
I . I think that the most important question to ask is "why are you getting so many xrays?" dental x-rays should be obtained on a fairly easy to discover schedule if not being done for an acute problem. You should ask your dentist why he/she is doing the x-ray and they should be able to give you a clear and concise answer. As for your chiropractor, you should ask the same question and then make the decision yourself if you should have the x-ray. If you have had similar studies done elsewhere, ask why he/she needs to repeat the study. There should be a good reason. If you feel that you are being over irradiated you should ask if you can be treated without the extra studies. No matter what happens, any time you go for a radiology study you should understand why you are getting it. In addition, you should feel free to ask you chiropractor for copies of your x-rays to keep. This way if you go to another doctor you will have the x-rays and may be able to prevent having another set done needlessly.