How would I replace two missing front teeth without the expense of going to the dentist? Both of my front teeth got knocked out. I am currently unemployed, have no income, am homeless, and very, very, very desperate! I have limited dental through a new co

Dental school/clinic. Check with the dental schools and local clinics. Also, check with the local dental society -- there may be resources available to you. Good luck.
State Dental Society. In nh, we have several low cost care clinics. Also, you may apply for 'pro bono' care through donated dental services, or dds. Care thru this method is usually free to you. If needed, consider going to a denturist. In some states they may provide you an interim partial denture that can 'get you through' until times are better. Remember: prevention is cheap-treatment is costly-limit sugary drinks.
Without a dentist? Perhaps there is a dental school in the area that can provide care for much lower fees. Dental care without a dentist seems quite inexpensive in the short run but may be more expensive in the long run. I understand your question and your circumstance. I truly think a dental school is best.
You NEED a dentist. Contact your nearest dental school. They may offer free treatment through community free clinics, or very low cost treatment at the school clinic. The lowest cost replacement would be a removable partial denture.
I . I know that la mesa is close to san diego. University of california san diego undergraduate pre-dental students are working with volunteer dentists to provide free dental care. You might want to call to see if you are eligible. (858) 534-6110. Baker clinic baker elementary school 4041 t street downtown clinic first lutheran church 1420 third avenue (near the corner of third ave. And ash st.).