Looking for a doctor who specializes in small cell metastatic liver cancer. Can you recommend some in chicago? A friend has just been diagnosed as having inoperable liver/lung cancer. Doctors gave her 7 - 10 months to live. We want to continue the figh

Dr. Ravi Salgia. I personally know dr. Ravi salgia at the university of chicago. He specializes in lung cancers including small cell lung cancer. The university of chicago and northwestern are both superb institutions. Best wishes, ariel.
Your . Your best bet would be a cancer program attached to one of the medical schools in chicago, such as northwestern or the university of chicago. Those facilities are used to managing difficult cases like this and have access to research protocols that may not be available elsewhere. It's hard to know, without more information, which specialists would be involved in your friend's case. For example, if there is active, progressive disease in both the liver and lung, and if both sites have been called inoperable, then it will probably be a medical oncologist. If the disease is stable in one site but progressive in the other, then organ-specific local therapy like radiation, radiofrequency ablation, chemoembolization, radioisotope embolization, and other options may exist. In such cases, the group of doctors might expand to include radiation oncologists, surgeons, and interventional radiologists, among others.