What does it mean to have an allergy to gram positive bacterial proteins? Orthovisc injectable hyaluronan for osteoarthritis of the knee is contraindicated for patients with allergy to gram positive bacterial proteins. Wouldn't most people be considered h

Have . Have never heard of this. Suggest you recheck this information. If this is indeed the case would need to get more info from the manufacturer. Sorry that cannot help.
When . When you develop symptoms such as rash in the presence of an infection with a gram positive cocci, it is due to an immune reaction to the protein components of the bacteria. One example is scarlet fever, where the body react to the bacterial protein of streptococcus, which may start as a throat infection. Proteins are specific combination of aminoacids produced by the dna of bacteria to wage its attack on the tissues infected by the bacteria. The gene controlling the units of aminoacids creates the proteins for the survival of the bacteria. The immune system of the infected individuals mount a counter attack which results in rashes and other constitutional symptoms. Powlin v. Manuel md, mba, ms.