I feel like my ears are plugged but I can hear still. I also feel like I have pressure in my head. What is it? I also have a cold I think. Everything seems to have a higher pitch to it.

When . When you have a cold; congestion, mucus and swelling can cause the eustachian tubes to stop up. The eustachian tubes connect the middle ear to the back of your nose. That can give the feeling of being plugged up. The pressure in your head is also likely to be from congestion. You can use something like afrin (oxymetazoline) nasal spray to help reduce the swelling. However it should not be used more than twice a day for no longer than 3 to 5 days maximum to avoid developing chronic congestion problems due to the medication. I can only use afrin for two days before it becomes ineffective. You can also use over the counter decongestants.