Does a neck lift require a long recovery time? What kind of recovery does the typical neck lift surgery entail? I want to improve the look of my neck and eliminate my double chin. Will my activities be restricted for a long time, or will I be able to resu

To . To a certain extent it depends on how extensive a procedure you require. Lifting the neck can be done in several ways including submental liposuction, face lift, and submental platysmaplasty to name a few... In general however you can go back to work in 5-7 days provided you dont mind wearing a garment on your neck and that you refrain from strenuous activity for 2-3 weeks. Hope this helps -bwc.
Usually 2 weeks. After a necklift most patients are off work for 2 weeks. Depending on the procedure performed some are at work after a week. In order to eliminate a double chin i would usually perform platysmal tightening (maybe resection), liposuction and skin removal.
Necklift recovery. 1 week - brisk walk 2 week - running 3 week - lifting weights return to work - 2 weeks.
It depends. Recovery time depends on what kind of neck lift you have. If you have a flabby neck, liposuction may be needed (maybe not even an actual "lift" which implies removing skin). If the skin is loose, a procedure to remove skin and tighten the neck muscle (platysma) is performed. Recovery can be up to 6 weeks for swelling. No exercise for 3 weeks during which my patients wear a neck garment.