Will my tremors go away? If my head tremors are caused by stress and anxiety, and I tackle the stress and anxiety in my life, will my tremors disappear? Or could it be a chiropractic problem? My head tremors used to be mild, but they're getting more sever

Tremors . Tremors can be associated with different medical conditions. There are different types of tremors. Anxiety may not be the cause of your tremors. Don't know your age. Because your temors are getting worse and it is seriously impacting the quality of your life - i recommend that you see a neurologist. Many types of tremors can be treated with medications. The best thing you can do right now is to find out the cause of the tremors through a medical evaluation. The doctor can recommend treatment options once he has evaluated you. Good luck.
See a neurologist. There are several reasons people can have tremors, parkinsons disease, essential tremor( no known cause) treament differs neurologists are the MD's that diagnose and treat these issues-common ly worsen treatment may help a lot.