I have this 5 inch lump by my hip, and I was wondering what it could be. I have had this for 3 years and it gets bigger every year. And it's starting to hurt, it's about 5 inches now.

Can . Can you provide some clarification. Does it protrude out 5 inches or does it have a 5 inch diameter? What color is it? Is the lump soft or hard? Does it appear to be close to bone (i.e., hip bone) or is it more like on the abdominal wall? Is it a deep lumb or a lump that is superficial? Is there any thing which makes it protrude more? Or anything that seems to reduce the size? What makes it hurt?
In . In that area, several causes are possible, but hard to pinpoint without more specifics. In the front area of the hip, i.e. Groin, causes could be a hernia, an enlarged lymph node. In the side area, could be hip bursitis. Then other causes could be soft tissue masses, such as a benign (chondroma, lipoma or osteoma) or malignant tumor (sarcoma). As it is enlarging, you should see your physician, who will likely order a MRI of the area to determine its location and characteristics.
The . The mass you have noted may represent a simple benign lesion of the soft tissues like a lipoma or it may be something more serious. It may related to the pelvic bone. In any case you need to be seen by a physician. A mass that grows in size needs attention.
It . It sounds like you could be describing a benign fatty tumor such as a lipoma. As it has been there for 3 years, it is more likely benign. There are rare cancerous tumors of the soft tissues, and you would need to have a doctor examine the region. Benign fatty tumors tend to be rubbery soft, and sometimes can be uncomfortable at the site.