My wisdom tooth has a hole in it and it has my face swollen and im in pain. I have been taking amoxcicillian 500mg for about 4dy and tylenol for pain but nothing is helpin my face is still swollen and my mouth is still in pain what can I do for swelling a

Was. Was the Amoxicillin prescribed by dentist who is treating you for this episode of pain/ dental condition? Or are you taking Amoxicillin that you had around the house from a previous health issue? Since you did not address this to "dental"; I am concerned that you may not have been evaluated yet by a dentist. You could have an abscess or cellulitis. It is imperative that you see the dentist asap, as the cause of the the pain and swelling needs to be identified and fixed. If you do not have any allergies to non-steroidal anti- inflammatory medications - then a medication like Motrin may help with the pan a little more than tylenol (acetaminophen).
For. For dental infections with an anaerobic component, penicillin or Clindamycin usually is better. Also, you need to see a dentist to have the tooth evaluated before you develop a deep neck space infection. Ketorolac, Motrin or an opiod would be good for pain, but the best thing would be to get it addressed promptly to remove the irritation from the infection.