What did my test results mean? Had X-ray of foot taken and unsure of results. What does "significant degenerative changes at mid foot", osteopenia and vascular calification mean? I have lived several years in pain and managed to work but, I feel my days

"Significant . "significant degenerative changes at mid foot"- this means that there are changes consistent with arthritis typically from age or an old injury. Osteopenia- is basically weak or brittle bonse due to insufficient calcification, a decalcified bone can be seen on x-ray. Lastly, vascular calcification is calcium deposits seen in the vessels of the foot, this can also be age related as well. Your doctor should go over these results in detail with you in detail, as well as a treatment plan, which will likely include calcium, vit d, and possibly a steroid injection for your severe foot pain. Best of luck.
Calcification . In the wall of small arteries is vascular calcification
Osteopenia is loss of calcium in bones of your foot
Depending on your history and recommendation of your primary doctor consult with vascular surgeon and see foot doctor .