My breast hurts right on the top it feels like a piercing pain once in a while for about a week now have any advice? I know nothing else

If. If the pain occurs a week prior or a few days before your period, this could be due to hormonal changes in the body that can affect one or both breasts. On the other hand you may have cystic breast (s) or even a fibroadenoma in the affected breast (benign tumor). My advice is for you to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a breast exam. Also, if you are 40 you should have a screening mammogram. Take care.
Fibrocystic changes. You could have fibrocystic changes. This is the most common cause of breast pain. It can be aggravated by caffeine, stress, menstrual cycle and hormonal supplements. In addition, you may want to get fitted by a bra specialist to make sure you have the right size, which will make you more comfortable. Vitamin e works for breast pain in some.