I had an inplant done about 9 months ago. My general dentist says it will be difficult to put on a crown without speaking. Without speaking to the dentist who did the inplant. He can never get ahold of this dentist. Is it really that difficult to put o

Need to communicate. You might be able to get any needed info from the dentist who placed the implant. Contact the office and request the info : type of implant, size (length/ diameter), manufacturer, serial and product #'s. Also, is there a healing abutment placed -- what kind and size. If you cannot see a metal post sticking out of the gum, then you need to see the implant surgeon to uncover it.
Tricky Problem. There are many reasons why it might be difficult to put a crown on your implant. That's why it's so important to have great communication between everyone involved from the beginning. Trying to deal with difficult situations at this stage is never ideal. If your dentist can't reach the other doctor involved, have him/her send a certified letter. That usually gets noticed. Good luck.
Go to the office. Great answers! if you have to, stop by the office to get the information the restoring dentist needs, and personally ask the surgeon to call him or her.
The . The problem is that there are thousands of different implant manufacturers. Your new dentist probably wants to ask the implant placing dentist some technical questions about what implant system and what size implant he used. With that information the restoring dentist can contact the implant manufacturer - order the correct hardware needed to finish the job.