Are there lazer treatments for repairing damaged toenail beds? I broke my toe four years ago and damaged the nailbed and the toe nail has never been able to grow all the way back.

There . There is no laser treatment available for repairing damaged toenail beds. Usually, a surgeon needs to remove the bony exostosis (bony fragment) underanth the nail bed in order to make the bone flat and allow for the nail bed to heal on top of it properly. It will definitely involve surgery but it can be repaired.
The . The only treatment that I am aware of involves a surgery where your nail bed is reconstructed by surgically grafting parts from other fingers or toes nail beds. Honestly, I do not know a lot about this procedure but i wanted to inform you there is a possible way to fix the nail. You should consult a podiatrist for a consultation and to discuss all your options. Best of luck.