Can my untreated teeth be detrimental to my health? I have over $8000 worth of work to get done. With $0 I'm afraid my health will start deteriorating I'm only 25 years old. Should I start making my burial arrangements? Or are there any dentists that do

Yes, detrimental. See if there is a dental school near you . The treatment is much less expensive -- what you save in money, you pay in time. It takes longer for treatment. You also might find a clinic at a hospital that has a teaching program for postdoctoral dental training. (gpr or aegd). Good luck -- no burial yet !
Untreated. Dental infections can cause problems in the rest of your body such as your heart.
Local dental school. Do not go untreated. Contact local dental school. For example, some of my patients go to the nyu dental school for evaluation and treatment. The dentists are well trained. They do the procedure and then the dental professor examines the dental work they have done.
Yes, . Yes, your untreated dental problems can negatively impact your health. The following dental clinics use sliding scale fees and if you are eligible, some provide necessary dental work for free. Arlanza family medical/dental clinic - riverside:riverside, ca - 92503-1365 951-353-2702 eastside health ctr medical/dental clinic -1970 university ave.Riverside, ca - 92507-5202 - 909-276-0661 mecca dental clinic - 91276 66th ave. Suite 300, mecca, ca - 92254 760-396-1249 no, don't start making burial plans just yet. Yes, do take good care of your teeth and gums and get them fixed. Good luck.