Is an artefill treatment lengthy and invasive? I have wrinkles on my face but do not want to undergo a long, invasive procedure. With my busy work schedule, can I fit in an artefill treatment? .

Artefill . Artefill can be used to fill in areas and wrinkles but there are some ares on the face, like near the eyes and lips that cannot be injected with artefill. It is just an injection process though, no surgery and essentially little to no down time.
Artefill requirement. Artefill takes no more time than other fillers, though because of the permanent nature of the pmma spheres, most physicians will take extra time during injection. It is not lengthy - most patients reach their desired results in 2 sessions. And most sessions last no more than 15 or 20 minutes with an experienced physician.
I . I think the most effective therapy for fine lines or wrinkles is resurfacing ie peels.If you have lost soft tissue volume then i think using your own fat would be my