As a man I would like to grow breast how can I go about it without going to a doctor they all say I have to go to a theropist I feel I should be able to do it its my body so it should be my choice why does there have to be something wrong for me to be abl

I . I am assuming you are transgender by your question. Yes, your body is yours. However, most doctors go by the motto "first do no harm". For something as life altering as changing your body to align with the gender you believe is correct for you, it would be irresponsible to go forward with treatment without ensuring that you are stable. The therapy is also to prepare you for upcoming life changes. Even if you desire a woman's body, it is still a major life change. I don't know how to go about transforming yourself into more of a female shape without medical intervention. This is much like the reasoning that bariatric surgeons require obese patients to undergo evaluations and possibly therapy before they perform surgery for weight loss. The patient needs to be stable and often they need support as they are growing into their new body.
It . It is usual for a patient to have been evaluated and to be under treatment by a therapist before undergoing hormone manipulation in order to have a man grow breast tissue. There is no ethical way around that pre-requisite.