What might cause my legs to tingle all the time? I've had nerve conduction test - normal. Mri - disk problem in upper spine no diabetes leg cramps at night - muscles in front part of leg and foot/toe cramps

Leg . Leg cramps at night are often a sign of vascular insufficiency. If your nerve conduction studies are normal, it would make sense for you to be evaluated by a vascular surgeon for either arterial or venous insufficiency. In particular, venous insufficiency is an oft underdiagnosed condition.
As . As you may know, a normal nerve conduction study doesn't necessarily rule out a peripheral neuropathy. Nerve conduction studies measure the conduction velocities in the healthiest nerves in a given area; hence, you could have underlying nerve damage that causes symptoms but is not detected by the test. You may also know that peripheral neuropathy can stem from a wide array of disorders; diabetes is only one of many potential causes. Autoimmune illnesses, metabolic disorders (e.g., kidney disease), endocrine abnormalities (e.g., thyroid disease), exposures to toxins, alcoholism, and nutritional deficiencies are just a few of the possible explanations for your symptoms. (by the way, if you're also having nocturnal leg cramps, anemia and arterial insufficiency should also be ruled out.) talk to your doctor about the next step in your evaluation. I hope the cause of your problems is discovered soon!

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I have cramping an tingling down the right side of my knee to my ankle. I've had a nerve conduction test an MRI to check for nerve entrap. But nothin?

Or something else. Your symptoms can sound consistent with a nerve entrapment, but there might be other causes for it. It might be in the muscle itself. Talk with your doctor and ask for additional reasons for your symptoms. Good luck! Read more...
First off, You should realize that a nerve conduction test doesn't offer accuracy of 100%. There are false negatives results. Mri's are tricky too. Particularly with certain nerve entrapments and who is reading them. Nerves generally don't cramp, muscles do. Tingling is usually nerve related. The nerve in your case i would look for is by the fibular head and/or in the back. A good physical exam is key. Read more...