Possible gallbladder issues I had been experiencing abdomen pain for couple months. Dr began series labs, ct, ultrasound, & hide? Checking all possibilities believing it is gallbladder. He states if gallbladder is "bad" or full of stones he may recommend

Surgical removal. If your symptoms suggest and the gallbladder testing proves the gallbladder is "bad" then your doctor will probably recommend surgical removal of the gallbladder. Most of the time the gallbladder can be removed through small incisions laparoscopically.
There . There are a number of safe methods to detoxify the body. Here it the issue, you have to be healthy enough to undergo that form of detoxification. If you are doing a flush and you develop an obstruction that could be a problem. Your doctor already believes that your gallbladder may be diseased / contain stones. The second thing, if there is a lot of toxic material that is released, it could overload your system. There would be potential to reaborb toxins through your intestines and re-release it through your blood stream. If you are already ill, you could become much more ill through an ill conceived detoxification plan. For instance, you could develop abdominal pain, pass gas, burp, develop skin eruptions, loose energy and just plain feel bad (just to mention a few things). Liver/ gallbladder focused detoxification can be quite beneficial. However, in your case since you may have significant disease; i believe it would be risky. I would not try it at this time.