What is a food horder? Is there any such thing as a food horder? If there is what do they do and what causes it? Also food hoarders do they eat the food they hoard like they never had a once of food before?

Yes, . Yes, there are food hoarders. Food hoarding can be a form of obsessive compulsive disorder especially if large amounts of food are stacked up which are no longer fit for consumption. However, sometimes people with eating disorders collect food and then may binge on it later. There can be embarrassment with eating in public; so the person may consume the food in private. Other causes of stashing food can be quite simple. For instance, I am supposed to be on a diet and my spouse would disapprove that i just bought a pizza; so i hide it under the bed to consume it later. Some times people who have had to go without food in the past, feel more secure to stash some food. An example, might be someone who lived during the great depression, who now has more than enough to eat but fears that at some point they will deprived of food again. I hope this is helpful.