What age is good to have a baby since I am 24? Age

That . That depends on the woman's life and what her priorities are. From a physiologic standpoint, fertility peaks around 20 to 25 years old. Fertility starts decreasing around age 30. Fertility rates are much lower by age 40 and none of the fertility charts I have read went past 44 years old (which means it would be unlikely to have a baby by that age). Things to take into consideration can include are you in a long, term supportive relationship? Do you have the financial stability to support a child? Many women put off having a child because of career concerns. If you wait until you are older you could have more complications (and so could the baby). If you have your baby at an older age will you have the energy to keep up? I would encourage you to look at the big picture to decide when be the best time for you to have a child. I wish you well.