What causes bladder infections? Every three months I go to the doctor I am told I have a bladder infection what would cause on going bladder infections? I am being treated after the findings but when I come back I have the infection again what could possi

Frequent UTIs. Frequent or recurrent bladder infections could represent insensitivity of the bacteria to the antibiotics prescribed or to other causes that your doctor should review with you. There may be an anatomic abnormality that can be determined by a urologist. Your question is a valid one that should be discussed with your physician who can take a proper detailed history and physical exam. Good luck!
Urinary. Urinary tract infections are usually caused by bacteria. What are ways bacteria can get into a woman’s urinary tract? If you wipe going from your anus going forward; that could spread bacteria from the anus or the vagina to the opening of the urinary tract. Sexual intercourse can also spread bacteria, especially if the woman has multiple partners.