How effective is liposuction in the knees? Will insurance cover it? I went to an orthopedic doctor and was told I needed to have knee reconstruction surgery on both knees but I had to loose weight in my knees first because after the surgery the knees will

Makes surgery easier. The access to your knee will be easier but insurance is unlikely to cover knee liposuction. Weight loss will help reducing the weight supported by your knees and this is the best way to help your surgery and recovery.
Weight loss. Liposuction of the knees is not the answer. When weight is an issue, you may need to see a bariatric surgeon to help you with weight loss. Obesity significantly increases your risk of infection, surgical time and component malposition compared to non-obese individuals. It's is important and much safer for you to focus on weight loss over liposuction around the knees.
You . You can't "spot" lose. If you decrease your body fat percent, generally you can lose all over, including your legs. Although liposuction can thin the area of the soft tissues around the knee, it is unlikely that insurance will cover it, as their is no strong scientific literature that it may decrease rate of the incision opening. Pain is subjective, but most do very well with liposuction. Hope this helps. Dr. Charles chalekson.
Well, . Well, the weight that fat around your knees will affect you knee surgery is minimal. If one has fat where they are going to make the incision, the risk of wound infections and slow healing are increased, but doing liposuction just over the knee joint and no where else will look deformed. There is no such thing as losing weight just in that area, you would need to lose weight all over as fat loss cannot be directed. If you did decide to go the liposuction route it likely would be more than just liposuction of your knees, more likely of the entire thigh circumferentially.