A friend 78 years old, shuffles when she walks, stoops, falls for no apparent reason, does not see well after cataract surgery this has all started with in one year. Has short term memory loss is it parkinson's?

Could be. Certainly the shuffled gait and memory loss fit. If there is a resting tremor (hand shakes noticeably when still), that would suggest it. She should see her doctor or get one if she doesn't have one.
Parkinson's? Agree with your thoughts, and see a neurologist to get diagnosed. Both the gait and memory can be treated.
Your . Your friend would need a comprehensive evaluation to determine the cause of her symptoms. Symptoms of parkinson’s disease; which usually occurs in older people; can include problems with balance which could cause a person to fall over and difficulty walking which can result in a shuffling gait. Having a stooped posture is common. Emotional / cognitive symptoms can include memory loss, depression, hallucinations and dementia. Parkinsonism is broader in scope and includes any condition that has the same type of movement abnormalities that are seen in parkinson's disease. Causes for parkinsonism can include parkinson’ disease, certain medications, head injuries and certain types of dementia. Hopefully your friend has a good doctor who can determine what her diagnosis is.
Parkinson's. Your description sounds like parkinson's disease. I suspect the poor vision is due to dry eye to decreased blink rate. See an eye doctor.