I have been tired, irritable, and can't seem to lose weight. I have been working out 5 days week eating about 1600 calorie diet. I have celiac disease and I am eating a gluten free diet, just had a colonoscopy that was normal.

I . I am glad you have had a medical evaluation. Please be sure you are drinking plenty of fluids to flush out your system. Also please be sure you have had your thyroid hormones tested. If you continue your symptoms, please be seen by your physician to have a complete evaluation.
Thyroid issue? . Working out 5 days a week is very commendable. I wonder how many calories you burn. 1 pound of fat = 3500 calories. Your calorie requirement depends on your height, age and sex. If it is 1700 per day and you are eating 1600 per day and burning an extra 1000 calories a week working out then in about 3 weeks you should lose 1 pound. Check to see what you require and how much you are burning up.

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I was diagnosed with celiac disease 2 months ago and have been following a gluten free diet. I continue to lose weight, is this normal?

Strict diet. You have been diagnosed with celiac. Try a strict diet. It is very easy for contamination to occur. Use seperate utensils if required. Try a support group. If you are loosing weight it may take a while as your body recovers. Good signs are healthy looking stool, hair returning to normal, skin healthy appearance, etc. Your doctor will do a blood test for recovery. Read more...

I have celiac disease and am on a gluten free diet, but all of a sudden I have almost no appetite. Is this normal for people with celiac?

Possibly but. it may also be possible that the limited choice of food makes eating unappetizing to you. Loss of appetite has many causes including depression. Be sure that your diet is nutritionally sound and enlist the help of a dietitian if necessary. Read more...