Can radiation therapy cure oral cancer?

Yes. There are defined areas such as floor of the mouth, tongue, gums, retromolar trigone, palate, etc. Combinations of radiation, surgery and chemotherapy are used. Earlier stages have high probability of cure, more extensive stages (even those to lymph nodes) can be cured with combinations of radiation and chemotherapy but to a lesser percentage of probability.
Oropharyngeal CA. Yes. There is recent increase in incidence of human papilloma virus (hpv) related oropharyngeal cancer such as tonsillar cancer in young non smoking male. These cancer can present as fast growing tumor with early spread to the lymph glands. However they are very sensitive to chemoradiation and has high chance of control and cure.

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My uncle recently had chemo and radiation therapy for mouth cancer and after some days he can't hear also pus is coming out of ear?

Ear infection. It sounds like an ear infection that may have been enhanced by the immunosuppressive impact of the chemo and radiation. Get him to a primary care provider for an evaluation to protect him from permanent hearing loss.
Get an exam. Chemo and especially radiation for head and neck cancers can cause eustachian tube dysfunction which causes a "full" feeling in the ear and can cause diminished hearing. Radiation can also dry some of the normal wax in the ear canal causing obstruction. This needs to be carefully cleaned either by the ENT doctor or the radiation doctor.
Complication. Complication of radiation. See radiation doc, maybe ENT for assessment.

Is radiation therapy used to cure liver cancer?

Sometimes. If the cancer is from the liver cure is only possible by surgery. If the cancer has spread to the liver and there is only one spot of metastasis then radiosurgery (a type of radiation and not surgery) can be used in an attempt to cure the patient. In that case it depends on the size of the lesion and its location in the liver.
Yes. High dose targeted radiation known as stereotactic body radiotherapy (sbrt) has shown to be successful in treating liver cancer.

Is it possible that radiation therapy cure/kill cancer of the liver?

Not usual mode. Of treatment. A focused beam of radiation may be used to kill cancer in the liver, but surgery and drugs are the usual treatment. The likelihood of cure is low with radiation. See this site for more info. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/liver-cancer/ds00399/dsection=treatments-and-drugs.

What kind of cancers can be cured by radiation therapy?

Some early stage. There are multiple, but here are just some examples of cancers that are sometimes cured by radiation alone: early stage prostate cancer, early stage head and neck cancer, early stage gastric malt lymphoma.
Many. Many cancers are treated and "cured" successfully with radiation therapy alone. Usually these are early stage cancers and include cancers of the head and neck, the voicebox, the prostate, as well as lymphomas. Radiation in combination with chemotherapy and or surgery is standard of care for many cancers.

My dad is currently going through radiation treatment due to oral cancer and has mouth sores and throat irritation. What meds are good for dry cough?

Saliva aids... Ask his doctor (s) or dentist to prescribe pilocarpine lozenges or lollipops if appropriate, try to find Xylimelts at local pharmacy, products from PerioSciencres www. PerioSciences. Com will be very beneficial. As a last resort get sugar free lemon drop hard candies. I prefer the other options first.