Depression is there an efficacious non prescription preferably herbal remedy for depression?

Supplements. Talk to your doctor first, as there are several supplements such as SAMe, 5HTP, Tyrosine, etc.
Before . Before i share some alternative remedies for depression, i need to be clear that you should discuss any supplements / herbals that you are using or plan to use with your medical provider. Additionally, these methods are more likely to be effective for mild depression or as an adjunct to traditional medications (with your doctor’s knowledge). I do not recommend relying on these approaches alone if you have moderate to severe depression. If you feel suicidal, get professional help immediately. First lets go over three supplements which have gained in popularity in the us. The first is st. John’s wort which has been used for centuries. You must be very careful if you use st. John’s wort as it can have interactions with a large number of medications. The second is omega three fatty acids from fish oils. Studies suggest they can help all kinds of conditions from add to depression. A third option is s-adenosyl methionine (sam). If you want a really natural approach consider medical acupuncture. There are a number of effective protocols that can assist with a variety of issues to include insomnia, post traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety just to mention a few. Other adjuncts can include: biofeedback, hypnosis, meditation, progressive muscle relaxation and yoga. I hope this helpful.