How to unclog my ear? I had a bad sinus infection last week. Took a zpak and feel better except my left ear is clogged and won't pop. Its more annoying than anything but sounds like fluid crackling. I tried a sinus rinse, peroxide, afrin, hot rag on it an

Time. Hello, unfortunately we do not have any medical therapy at our disposal to immediately remove the fluid or pressure behind your eardrum. If your fluid has been present beyond 3 months or if your symptoms are worsening (associated dizziness, infection, worsening hearing) then a surgical procedure to insert tubes may be recommended.
Unfortunately, . Unfortunately, fluid build-up behind an ear drum is common after an upper respiratory illness or sinus infection. Since there are no medications shown to alleviate the pressure or drain the fluid from behind the ear drum, it will either resolve on its own or it has to be done with a suction and/or ear tubes. You can try taking Motrin or tylenol (acetaminophen) for the ear discomfort, but time is the best treatment. If your ear discomfort worsens, go see your doctor for an evaluation.