Should I get surgery? I had surgery on my right shoulder (i'm right handed) back in 2010 and it has helped me out tremendously! But now I'm having the same problems w/my left shoulder. I went back to my surgen, and he left the decision up to me: surgery, o

Your . Your surgeon is wise to leave the decision to you. You know best how long it took to recover from your right shoulder and how beneficial that surgery was. You also know best how much your left shoulder is bothering you (sounds like a lot). Have you done a program of physical therapy, ice, and anti-inflammatories? If you've done everything you can short of surgery and it's not enough relief, then you have your answer.
The . The decision is yours because only you can know how much it bothers you on a day to day basis and weigh it against the risks and benefits. This means that typically the surgeon does foresee any short term issues. Can't speak for another surgeon but this is typically when i might have this same discussion. For example if one the next few months i was worried that your condition would lead to more problems id likely say that you really should get something done because.... And explain why. Ask your surgeon why is up to you and what lilkey will happen if you wait .No one can predict 100 percent what will happen and don't ask for percentages use ask why it is up to you and get more details.