What's wrong with my stomach? I just had five inches of my left tenth tib removed by cardio thoracic. Two days later (now), my entire belly is swollen. I also have not been able to produce any poop and have not felt the need to poop at all. I have passed

Not . Not knowing the reason you had your 10th rib removed or your other medical conditions, the post-operative period is usually characterized by alterations in bowel habits, incisional pain treated with narcotic analgesia (which worsens the alteration in bowel habits, also known as post-operative ileus). This can cause abdominal bloating, nausea, cramping and pain. This can be assisted by reducing narcotic use, ambulating and drinking plenty of fluids. On occasion, an oral laxative or suppository is needed. However, other factors can also cause swelling, including fluid retention, bleeding, and infection. These are usually diagnosed by other means, such as swollen legs, drop in blood count, fever and elevated white count. In addition, the latter three symptoms are usually associated with other constitutional symptoms, fatigue, paleness, weakness, dizziness.