Am I late or is this normal? Hello my cycle came on dec 30th, had no cylcle in jan. Spotting feb 2nd so I think cycle is about to come on does it mean I am late? Or is that normal.

Well, . Well, it depends on what your normal cycle is and how long it has been since you started menstruating. Some women will have a 5 week cycle which will occasionally cause them to have a period at the end of one month, skip the next month and then have their period at the beginning of the month after just like you are describing. This is completely normal. When did you first start your period? Within the first 2-3 years of starting a period, a young woman may not have regular monthly ovulations which can lead to an irregular period. This is completely normal and nothing for you to worry about. Over the next few years, your period will become more regular. If you did start your period more than 3 years ago and do not usually have longer (more than 28 days) cycles, there are other reasons besides pregnancy that can cause a woman to miss a period such as: stress, diet, excessive exercise or a hormone imbalance such as with a thyroid disorder or polycystic ovarian syndrome. If you continue to have irregular periods, give your doctor a call.