Will a body lift make me lose sensation of my skin and will it be permanent? I just lost a significant amount of weight. I would like to have a body lift done to remove some excess skin in my abdominal region. A friend told me that this can cause me to lo

Depending . Depending on the part of the body where the lift is done, there will be some alterations in sensation. In some areas you might recover pretty normal sensation while in others you might have areas that are totally numb. That all depends on how the skin is lifted and rearranged, your surgeon can tell you more specifically when they examine you.
For . For all surgery there is some loss of sensation along the incision. In general, the area of loss is limited, and the loss of sensation improves with time. For the tummy tuck, same as the front part of a body lift, the sensation is usually decreased below the belly-button down to the incision. This is because the skin is moved from above the belly button, and the nerves are stretched or cut in order to provide the flattest possible result. The area of numbness decreases in size over time, and improves noticeably during the months after surgery. Often, only a small area of numbness remains just over the middle of the scar. Since we are not often testing if objects are hot, cold or sharp with our belly, it is not some thing that most patients complain about.