Can pancreatic cancer be treated with radiation therapy?

Yes. Those that have resection still likely need radiation and chemotherapy. Those that are not resectable can also benefit. The outcome may not cause a cure as this cancer is aggressive. Radiation has a major role on treating pancreas cancer non the less.
Pancreas cancer. Yes; it is often combined with chemotherapy if the tumor is too large to surgically remove, or it is often given following surgery, if it can be removed (not wrapped around blood vessels, etc.).
Pancreatic cancer. Radiation is usually a component of the overall treatment of localized pancreatic cancer along with surgery and chemotherapy. If the tumor has spread chemotherapy is usually the primary option. Radiation or radiation and chemotherapy can also be used on unresectable pancreatic cancers if need be.
Yes. If the cancer has not spread to other parts of the body, radiation is one of the options to treat prostate cancer.
Pancreas. Yes. The goals depend on what is hoped to be done. Radiotherapy does not cure pancca. It is used to improve chances of resection, prevent recurrence when resected if nodes or margins are positive. It is mostly used to relieve pain when chemotherapy no lnger works.
Yes. Radiation alone is often used for palliation or local control. Some promising results with radiosurgery. It is rarely cured by radiation therapy alone.