Are there any orthopedic doctors in my area that will accept us (due to a motor vehicle accident) with no insurance? We were rear ended while we were at a complete stop and we are still having back problems but we have no medical insurance and our attorne

Unfortunately . Unfortunately many physicians do not electively participate when motor vehicle insurance is involved and it is not an acute emergency situation for which they are covering. The insurance company often pays , but attorneys will place a lean on the money, collect it and then try to bargain with the doctor for reduced reimbursement. At other times the insurance company pays the patient directly and the doctor then has to try to get the patient to pay the bill. I am not saying it is correct or right but after this happens 200 times its an impetus to just disengage from the system. Its part of the entire tangled web of insurance and health care that exists and has existed for years. It has nothing at all to do with romneycare or obamacare or any legislation regarding the delivery of health care. Its an entirely insurance and legal driven issue. However a lot of attorneys know doctors that they work with for injuries and id assume most injury attorneys have a short list of mds in their area maybe you should be asking this on the legal side of the website.
Academic health Ctr. Usually have clinic residents and attendings available to work with you. Some religious health facilities also have service.