What are the disadvantages and advantages of liposuction on obese candidates? As opposed to having weight lost surgery would it be safer to have liposuction instead? What are the disadvantages and advantages of having liposuction when your obessed?

Both . Both weight loss surgery and liposuction are actually surgical procedures that require anesthesia, and thus both carry risks as well as benefits. They have different potential complications that should be considered carefully before proceeding. I agree with the other doctors who have recommended weight loss by whatever means--diet and exercise first, and weight loss surgery if all else fails. Some of the weight loss surgical procedures (gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy) actually can improve diabetes very quickly, even before weight loss takes place. Liposuction works best when a person is near normal weight, but has isolated pockets of fat deposits to remove (on the thighs or midriff, for example). Weight loss surgery is a much better option for improving overall weight and health, and giving a person the best chance for a long, happy life.
As . As the other two doctors indicated, liposuction is ideal for a pocket of fat suh as "love handles in man" or back fat in women. In an obese patient, the real issue is visceral fat "belly fat" that increases the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. The healthy thing to do is to lose weight either through diet and exercise or with the help of bariatric surgery when a person is more than 80 pounds above ideal weight. You can than go ahead and get that liposuction or body lift depending on the amount of loose skin.
My . My feeling is that liposuction is not a good treatment for obese patients. Liposuction is helpful for "localized fat collections that are not responsive to diet and exercise." if you are overweight with a generalized excess of fat, you will not be happy with liposuction. I advise my patients to be within 10-20 pounds of their target weight before considering liposuction. Good luck!
I . I think it is important to understand that liposuction is not a substitute for diet and e3xerciseif soemone is morbidly obese then they may need a gastric bypass procedure or lengthy diet and exercise regimen.Soemtimes i will do liposuction on obese patients who are lsoing weight but have resistant fat pockets.This is done prior to doing any acttual lifting procedures such as a tummy tuck.www.beautybybrueck.com.