Is it possible to keep a love 1 alive by surgically attaching their blood circulation up to your own blood circulation just wondering

People . People are not sutured together to share their blood supply. Just one of a number of possible difficulties with this is that their blood would have to be completely compatible.
If . If i understand your question correctly, connecting one person to another through the blood stream would not be enough to support the ill person, and the possible toxicity from the ill person may overwhelm the organ capacity of the healthy person. The immediate first problem would be the lack of blood type compatibility and lack of compatibility of the immune system. It would cause likely immediate blood incompatibility issues that are very seriously life threatening, and likely cause organ failure in both people. Also it would not likely be feasible for the healthy person's heart to be strong enough to support two people at the same time. And the healthy person's liver and kidneys would not likely be able to support two people, and transferring the ill person's blood to the healthy one would likely cause severe toxicity to the healthy person. This is why machines have been developed for kidney dialysis or machines to try to duplicate heart function.