Bladder infections from swimming pools, how do I treat it? My 8 year old daughter get a bladder infection everytime she goes into a swimming pool, is there something I can give her to help avoid this.

Take suit off. Some girls will have more UTI's if the go to a swimming party and stay in their wet suit all day. This can make the genital excessively moist and lead to more UTI's. Getting into dry clothing after a swim can reduce this.
Any . Any child that has had multiple urinary tract infections should have a work-up to see if they have an anatomic abnormality that predisposes them to this problem. Often this involves not only a urinalysis, but also imaging such as ultrasound or a dye study to make sure the kidneys, bladder, and all the connections in between are ok. It is not normal for a child to get a urinary tract infection every time they go swimming. Give your child's doctor a call. They can either suggest a work-up or direct you to a pediatric urologist that can help. Good luck!