What can happen to a doctor for a banding there pationt my doctor guit see I whent back to her office to get my recerds and thy told me thy los't em

Is . Is this the jist of your question? You previously saw a doctor who no longer works at the clinic you were treated at. The clinic (don't know if she owns the clinic or not) told you they no longer have your medical records. You believe that the doctor has abandoned you as a result. If you are under active care by a doctor and the doctor knows that he or she will stop practicing there (you are seen other than for acute visits) many doctors or clinics try to give advance notice to patients and they may provide you with information about where you can seek care. Sometimes, with psychiatric care, one doctor might call another doctor to refer care. If you are not actively under the care of that doctor (for instance, you go to an acute care clinic where you do not have an on-going doctor patient relationship) that doctor or that clinic has no obligation to assist you with establishing care in the future. In other words, that is not patient abandonement. Most clinics have written policies regarding these matters, as well as their standard operating procedures for handling medical record requests. I am a psychiatrist- it is not unusual for therapists not to release psychotherapy notes. With the small amount of information provided; I have not heard evidence of a doctor abandoning the patient's care (unless their is more to the matter than is written). I suggest you contact the clinic to find out what their policy is. I am not a lawyer and i don't know that clinic's medical record policies. If review that clinic's policy regarding handling of medical records and find that there was a policy violation - you might try to work it out with the clinic. The best place to get legal advice would be from a lawyer.
If . If you have been a regular patient to a physician, then that physician is responsible for your care. If he can not take care of you then he must make all attempt to assist you in finding a replacement doctor. Otherwise, it will be considered patient abandonment which is illegal in most states, depending on the state you may have different recourse available to you. The key here is has there been a routine patient-doctor relationship that has been established? Medical records are considered legal documents that should not be altered and kept for future. However, losing or misplacing medical records are not uncommon.